Historic Markers

Morris County Historic MarkerMorris County has had a historic site marker program in place since 1975. Over 140 historic sites now have their significance briefly described on cast aluminum signs painted in burgundy and pale grey with the county seal in gold.

These sites weave together the threads of Morris County’s history from the colonial era through the twentieth century. Locations marked include forges, iron works, taverns, schools, mills, historic districts, churches, homes and mansions.

The Commission, with generous support from the Board of Chosen Freeholders, continues to designate new sites and maintain and repair existing markers each year.  Read the guidelines and download an application for a Historic Site Marker.

Below is a list of markers searchable by municipality or by marker name.  Each marker location provides the name and an option of viewing a map and historic site report. By clicking on the Map icon, you can see the location via a street map or satellite map.  The Report icon will display the name, location, and description of the historic site, along with images of both the marker and site; a street map; and GPS coordinates.

These historic site markers commemorate, educate, and keep the history of Morris County visible. The Heritage Commission invites you to enjoy both virtual and self-guided tours of Morris County’s multifaceted history.


Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR

Myrtle Ave, Main & Division Sts. In parking lot of bar “Connections”
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR map
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR report

Dr. John Taylor House

210 Main St @287 Ramp by side of museum
Dr. John Taylor Hous map
Dr. John Taylor Hous report

Garrett Rickards House

211 Cornelia Street
Garrett Rickards House map
Garrett Rickards House report

Holmes Library

619 Main Street
Holmes Library map
Holmes Library report

Lathrop Mansion

565 Lathrop Avenue at entrance of Firemans Home
Lathrop Mansion map
Lathrop Mansion report

Miller-Kingsland House

445 Vreeland Ave
Miller-Kingsland House map
Miller-Kingsland House report

Boonton Historic District

Corner of Spruce and Cornelia Sts
Boonton Historic District map
Boonton Historic District report

Boonton Twp

Adam Miller House

Rockaway Valley Road and 2 Farber Hill Roads
Adam Miller House map
Adam Miller House report

Decker Kincaid House

591 Powerville Rd
Decker Kincaid House map
Decker Kincaid House report

Dixon Homestead

Rockaway Valley Road near Valley Rd. — NW of Boonton on Rockaway Valley Rd.
Dixon Homestead map
Dixon Homestead report

Rockaway Valley UM Church

48 Valley Road near Rockaway Valley Rd
Rockaway Valley UM Church map
Rockaway Valley UM Church report


American Hard Rubber Industry

Main St and Park Place
American Hard Rubber Industry map
American Hard Rubber Industry report

Butler Railroad Station

Upper Main St–The station itself has no street address but is across from 234 Main Street.
Butler Railroad Station map
Butler Railroad Station report

County Entrance Marker

Main Street – West of 2-County Bridge/ Essex Cty
County Entrance Marker map
County Entrance Marker report

Chatham Boro

Chatham Historic District

94 Main Street
Chatham Historic District map
Chatham Historic District report

New Jersey Journal

55 E. Main St.
New Jersey Journal map
New Jersey Journal report

Chatham Twp

County Entrance Marker

Route #647 /Southern Boulevard @ intersection of River Road near where Passaic Street crosses the Passaic River into New Providence, Union County

Gibbons Horse Barn

Loantaka Way
Gibbons Horse Barn map
Gibbons Horse Barn report

Mt. Vernon School Dist #78

Fairmount Ave & Southern Blvd
Mt. Vernon School Dist #78 map
Mt. Vernon School Dist #78 report

Chester Boro

1st Congregational Church

Hillside Ave
1st Congregational Church map
1st Congregational Church report

Brick Tavern-The Publik House

Route 124 (Main & Hillside)
Brick Tavern-The Publik House map
Brick Tavern-The Publik House report

Chester Twp

Cooper Grist Mill

Rt. 124 & Hacklebarney Rd
Cooper Grist Mill map
Cooper Grist Mill report

Merchiston Farm-Bamboo Brook

Longview Road – Next to Willowwood
Merchiston Farm-Bamboo Brook map
Merchiston Farm-Bamboo Brook report


2nd Union School

502 Openaki Rd
2nd Union School map
2nd Union School report

Ayers – Knuth Farm

25 Cooper Road

Ayers – Knuth Farm map
Ayers – Knuth Farm report

E.C. Peer & Sons Store

278 Diamond Spring Road
E.C. Peer & Sons Store map
E.C. Peer & Sons Store report

Job Allen Iron Works

Diamond Spring & Pocono Roads near St Francis property.
Job Allen Iron Works map
Job Allen Iron Works report

Kitchel Homestead

80 Kitchell Rd & Ford Roads
Kitchel Homestead map
Kitchel Homestead report

Peter Cook House

14 Old Boonton Rd near Pocono Rd.
Peter Cook House map
Peter Cook House report

The Diamond Spring

220 Diamond Spring Rd
The Diamond Spring map
The Diamond Spring report


Old Stone Academy

25 East Dickerson St.
Old Stone Academy map
Old Stone Academy report

St. Johns Church

11 S. Bergen St
St. Johns Church map
St. Johns Church report

East Hanover

Halfway House

174 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Halfway House map
Halfway House report

Hanover Presbyterian Church

16 Hanover Road
Hanover Presbyterian Church map
Hanover Presbyterian Church report

Old Parsonage

27 Hanover Rd
Old Parsonage map
Old Parsonage report

Florham Park

County Entrance Marker

Hedges-Fish Homestead

204 Brooklake Road
Hedges-Fish Homestead map
Hedges-Fish Homestead report

Little Red School House

Ridgedale Ave & Columbia Tpk
Little Red School House map
Little Red School House report


Whippany Farm-Frelinghuysen Arboretum

53 E. Hanover Ave
Whippany Farm-Frelinghuysen Arboretum map
Whippany Farm-Frelinghuysen Arboretum report

Harding Twp

Glen Alpin

Rt 202
Glen Alpin map
Glen Alpin report

New Vernon Historic District

Glen Alpin & Green Village Rds
New Vernon Historic District map
New Vernon Historic District report


County Entrance Marker

Ringling Manor

Manor Drive, Oak Ridge
Ringling Manor map
Ringling Manor report


Butter Nut Tree (Junglans Cinema)

Kiel Ave & Kinnelon Rd – in bank parking lot – next to tree
Butter Nut Tree (Junglans Cinema) map
Butter Nut Tree (Junglans Cinema) report

Charlottsburg Forge

Rt. 23 South near Smoke Rise North Gate
Charlottsburg Forge map
Charlottsburg Forge report

Fredericks House

6 Duchess Dr
Fredericks House map
Fredericks House report

Lincoln Park

County Entrance Marker

Boonton Turnpike, Lincoln Park @ Passaic County Line (near Mountain View bridge)

8 Chapel Hill Road
John Dods Tavern map
John Dods Tavern report

Long Hill Twp

County Entrance Marker

Valley Road, East of 2-County Bridge from Somerset County

Millington School House #74

Long Hill Road Millington
Millington School House #74 map
Millington School House #74 report

Sentinel Elms

Long Hill Rd & Central Ave
Sentinel Elms map
Sentinel Elms report

Village of Stirling

Central Ave near Railroad Station
Village of Stirling map
Village of Stirling report


1st Presbyterian Church of Chatham Twp

170 Main Street
1st Presbyterian Church of Chatham Twp map
1st Presbyterian Church of Chatham Twp report

Bethel AME Church

53 Central Ave
Bethel AME Church map
Bethel AME Church report


Route 124-Fairleigh Dickenson Univ. Madison Ave
Florham map
Florham report

Luke Miller House

105 Ridgedale Ave
Luke Miller House map
Luke Miller House report

Mead Hall

Drew University – Madison Ave
Mead Hall map
Mead Hall report

Mendham Boro

Black Horse Inn

W. Main St @ Mountain Ave (Rt. 124)
Black Horse Inn map
Black Horse Inn report

Hilltop Church

20 Hilltop Road @ Talmage Road
Hilltop Church map
Hilltop Church report

Lebbeus Dod House

57 W. Main St. (Rt 124)
Lebbeus Dod House map
Lebbeus Dod House report

Mendham Twp

Brookside “Water Street” Historic District

E. Main St. near the Community Club
Brookside “Water Street” Historic District map
Brookside “Water Street” Historic District report

Cider Mill

Rt. 124 near Oak Knoll
Cider Mill map
Cider Mill report

Ralston Historic District

Rt. 124 & Roxiticus Rd
Ralston Historic District map
Ralston Historic District report

Union School

Pleasant Valley Rd & Mosle Rd
Union School map
Union School report

Mine Hill

Bridget Smith House

124 Randolph Ave
Bridget Smith House map
Bridget Smith House report

Dickerson Mine

Canfield Ave
Dickerson Mine map
Dickerson Mine report


Henry Doremus House

490 Main Street (Rt202) Towaco
Henry Doremus House map
Henry Doremus House report

Johannes Parlaman House

16 Vreeland Ave
Johannes Parlaman House map
Johannes Parlaman House report

Montville School

Taylortown Rd near Rt. 202 (.2 mile from intersection)
Montville School map
Montville School report

Morris Canal Site

Route 202 & Barney Rd – Towaco
Morris Canal Site map
Morris Canal Site report

Morris Twp

Alnwick Hall

Madison Ave & Canfield Rd (Rt. 24)
Alnwick Hall map
Alnwick Hall report


Mendham Road & Kahdena Rd (Rt 124)
Fosterfields map
Fosterfields report

Horsehead Penney Site

Sussex Ave & Kahdena Road
Horsehead Penney Site map
Horsehead Penney Site report

Mountain School

455 Mt. Kemble Ave
Mountain School map
Mountain School report

Park of Artillery

30 Mendham Rd (rt 510) across from Burnham Park
Park of Artillery map
Park of Artillery report

Seeing Eye Inc.

Washington Valley Rd
Seeing Eye Inc. map
Seeing Eye Inc. report

Washington Valley School

Schoolhouse Lane & Washington Valley Rd
Washington Valley School map
Washington Valley School report

Morris Plains Boro

Ebenezer Stiles House – Glenbrook

77 Glenbrook Road
Ebenezer Stiles House map
Ebenezer Stiles House report


Acorn Hall

68 Morris Ave
Acorn Hall map
Acorn Hall report

Campfield-Schuyler-Hamilton House

5 Olyphant Place
Campfield-Schuyler-Hamilton House map
Campfield-Schuyler-Hamilton House report

Church of the Assumption

91 Maple Ave
Church of the Assumption map
Church of the Assumption report

Cutler Homestead

21 Cutler Street
Cutler Homestead map
Cutler Homestead report

Dr. Lewis Condict House

51 South Street
Dr. Lewis Condict House map
Dr. Lewis Condict House report

Jewish Community Center

177 Speedwell Avenue @ Sussex Ave
Jewish Community Center map
Jewish Community Center report

Macculloch Hall

45 Macculloch Ave
Macculloch Hall map
Macculloch Hall report

Morris County Courthouse

Washington Street
Morris County Courthouse map
Morris County Courthouse report

Morristown Green

North Park & W. Mark Sts
Morristown Green map
Morristown Green report

Mt. Kemble Home

1 Mt. Kemble Ave
Mt. Kemble Home map
Mt. Kemble Home report

Powder Mill Site

Malcolm St & Lafayette Ave
Powder Mill Site map
Powder Mill Site report

Sansay House

17 DeHart St
Sansay House map
Sansay House report

St Peters Church

South Street & Miller Ave
St Peters Church map
St Peters Church report

Timothy Mills House

27 Mills St
Timothy Mills House map
Timothy Mills House report

Vail Homestead Farm – Historic Speedwell

333 Speedwell Ave
Vail Homestead Farm map
Vail Homestead Farm report

Mountain Lakes

Mt. Lakes Railroad Station

Midvale & Woodland Roads
Mt. Lakes Railroad Station map
Mt. Lakes Railroad Station report

Mt. Arlington

Lotta Crabtree House

33 Edgemere Ave
Lotta Crabtree House map
Lotta Crabtree House report

Morris Canal Lock Tenders House

Hopatcong State Park – Landing
Morris Canal Lock Tenders House map
Morris Canal Lock Tenders House report

Rogerene Settlement

Orben Drive – Lake Rogerene
Rogerene Settlement map
Rogerene Settlement report

Mt. Olive


Flanders – Drakestown Rd
Bartleyville map
Bartleyville report

Budd Lake

54 Sand Shore Road
Budd Lake map
Budd Lake report


Bartley – Drakestown Rd
Drakestown map
Drakestown report

Flanders Historic District

Maint Street & Park Place
Flanders Historic District map
Flanders Historic District report

Mt. Olive Village

Flanders – Drakestown Rd
Mt. Olive Village map
Mt. Olive Village report


Hugh Allen Mansion

39 Ledgewood Ave
Hugh Allen Mansion map
Hugh Allen Mansion report

Lake Musconetcong

Ledgewood Ave
Lake Musconetcong map
Lake Musconetcong report

Parsippany-Troy Hills

Craftsman Farms

2352 Route 10 W. Jct. of NJ 10 and Manor Ln
Craftsman Farms map
Craftsman Farms report

Livingston-Benedict House

25 Parsippany Rd
Livingston-Benedict House map
Livingston-Benedict House report

Mt. Tabor Camp Meeting Assn.

Rt 53 – Near Denville border Near Camp Archway entrance to park
Mt. Tabor Camp Meeting Assn. map
Mt. Tabor Camp Meeting Assn. report

Parsippany Presbyterian Church

Rt 46 near Vail Road
Parsippany Presbyterian Church map
Parsippany Presbyterian Church report

Parsippany Rockhouse (Pre-historic)

Dale Road (at end of road)
Parsippany Rockhouse map
Parsippany Rockhouse report


Martin Berry House

581 Route 23 Pompton Plains
Martin Berry House map
Martin Berry House report

Van Ness House

204 Sunset Road Pompton Plains
Van Ness House map
Van Ness House report


Mott Hollow Historic District

Gristmill Rd & Millbrook Ave
Mott Hollow Historic District map
Mott Hollow Historic District report

Quaker Meeting House

Quaker Church Rd
Quaker Meeting House map
Quaker Meeting House report


Slater’s Mill

80 Paterson-Hamburg Tpk
Slater’s Mill map
Slater’s Mill report

Rockaway Boro

Stephen Jackson House

40 Main St
Stephen Jackson House map
Stephen Jackson House report

Rockaway Presbyterian Church

Church St
Rockaway Presbyterian Church map
Rockaway Presbyterian Church report

Rockaway Twp

Ford – Faesch Manor House

Mt. Hope Road & Mt. Hope Ave
Ford – Faesch Manor House map
Ford – Faesch Manor House report

Picatinny Arsenal

Route 15 Outside Main Gate – near rt 15 underpass
Picatinny Arsenal map
Picatinny Arsenal report

Richard Mine

Mt. Hope & Richard Mine Rd
Richard Mine map
Richard Mine report


1st Presbyterian Church @ Suckasunny Plains

99 Main Street
1st Presbyterian Church map
1st Presbyterian Church report

Cary Station

239 Emmans Road — Ledgewood
Cary Station map
Cary Station report

Lewis Cary House

208 Emmans Road (Ledgewood)
Lewis Cary House map
Lewis Cary House report

Silas Riggs House

217 main St – Ledgewood
Silas Riggs House map
Silas Riggs House report

Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens Boro

337 S. Salem St (municipal bldg.)
Victory Gardens Boro map
Victory Gardens Boro report


German Valley

11 Schooleys Mountain Road, Long Valley
German Valley map
German Valley report

Old Stone Church

Fairview Ave & Rt. 124 Long Valley
Old Stone Church map
Old Stone Church report

Schooley’s Mountain Historic District

Pleasant Grove Rd – Schooley’s Mtn
Schooley’s Mountain Historic District map
Schooley’s Mountain Historic District report


Port Oram Community

41 N. Main St.
Port Oram Community map
Port Oram Community report

St. Mary’s Church

425 Blackwell Street
St. Mary’s Church map
St. Mary’s Church report



30 Ford Hill Road
Fordville map
Fordville report

Melville Mill

26 Parsippany Rd — just before stony brook bridge in front of business
Melville Mill map
Melville Mill report

Old Iron Works

Rt 10 & Whippany Rd – as one exits gas station to Whippany Rd
Old Iron Works map
Old Iron Works report

Our Lady of Mercy Chapel

100 Whippany Rd
Our Lady of Mercy Chapel map
Our Lady of Mercy Chapel report

Tuttle House

341 Rt 10
Tuttle House map
Tuttle House report